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Virtualization 2008 East - Keynotes
Day 2: Virtualization Keynote:
Stephen Herrod
CTO, VMware

*A Full Description of this session will be available shortly*

About the Speaker:
Stephen Herrod is responsible for VMware's new technologies and technology collaborations with customers, partners and standards groups. He has led the VMware ESX group through numerous successful releases. Prior to joining VMware, Stephen was Senior Director of Software at Transmeta Corporation co-leading development of their "Code Morphing" technology. Stephen holds a Ph.D. and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stanford University where he worked with VMware's founders on the SimOS machine simulation project.

Keynote: Tuesday, June 24th - 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM

Virtualization 2007 West - Keynotes
Day 1: SOAWorld 2007/ Virtualization Conference - Introductory Keynote:
Miko Matsumura,
Deputy CTO, webMethods

Time Oriented Architecture: Evolution by Design?

Inspired by hundreds of real-world SOA projects from across the world, Miko Matsumura will in this keynote illustrate the ultimate purpose for adopting SOA, which he defines as unleashing the creativity of Composite Applications, Web 2.0, Business Process Applications, and B2B in your Enterprise Network.

The highly evolved, yet pragmatic SOA methodology Matsumura will describe can prevent you getting bogged down in heavyweight governance strategies. He will show the audience how to focus on what's important and yet still develop an infrastructure for change.

This approach will provide a framework about how to understand policies, composites, lifecycle governance, loose coupling, heterogeneous distributed systems, adaptability vs stability, service portfolio management and other aspects of the Intelligently Designed SOA. As Matsumura himself expresses it, in an interview about the upcoming presentation, those attending and watching the keynote on SYS-CON.TV will: "Learn the true purpose of core building blocks of SOA and learn how to address system complexity without getting bogged down in the tar pit of the 'thousands of incomprehensible moving parts' or the intractable political battles that tend to emerge from multi-organizational SOA."

About the Speaker:
Miko Matsumura is vice president and deputy CTO, SOA products at webMethods and chair of the OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee. He is well recognized for his work at The Middleware Company, Systinet, and as Chief Java Evangelist for Sun Microsystems. He has an MBA from San Francisco State University and a masters in neuroscience from Yale University.

Keynote: Monday, Nov. 12th - 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM

Day 2: SOAWorld 2007/ Virtualization Conference - Introductory Keynote:
Brian Stevens,
CTO and VP, Engineering, Red Hat

The Future of the Virtual Enterprise

The astonishingly rapid rise of virtualization technology has made it a vital component of any Enterprise IT strategy today. And the technology is triggering dramatic changes in product offerings and business practices to support virtualized operational models.

These breakneck speed developments have lead to a plethora of solutions, with the attendant confusion that typically surrounds fast moving technologies. In this presentation Stevens will outline current trends in virtualization technologies and examine their potential impact on, and benefits for, future Enterprise IT deployments. Topics will include tradeoffs between open source and proprietary solutions, hardware integration efforts, deployment models, and long-term, high-volume serviceability/security considerations.

About the Speaker:
Brian Stevens is CTO and Vice President of Engineering at Red Hat. He has over 20 years of enterprise engineering experience in UNIX and Linux technologies, including work as a developer on the first commercial release of the X Window System. Since joining Red Hat's senior management team in 2001, Stevens has been critical to the company's enterprise operating system, storage, and clustering strategies. He now leads the Emerging Technologies group.

Prior to joining Red Hat, Stevens served as CTO of Mission Critical Linux, where he was responsible for corporate strategy, business development, and clustering products. Stevens also spent 14 years at Digital/Compaq as a Senior Member of Technical Staff, where he was responsible for the architecture and development of the Tru64 OS and clustering products, as well as the inaugural release of Digital's TruCluster product. Stevens received his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire and his M.S. in Computer Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Keynote: Tuesday, Nov. 13th - 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM

Virtualization 2007 East - Keynotes
SOAWorld 2007/ Virtualization Conference - Introductory Keynote:
Dr. Hal Stern,
Distinguished Engineer & VP, Global Systems Engineering, Sun Microsystems

In his more than 13 years with Sun, Stern has been Chief Technology Officer, Sun Services; Chief Architect of Sun Professional Services; CTO for the Sun ONE (iPlanet) infrastructure products division; and the Chief Technologist of Sun's Northeast US Sales Area. He has done architecture, performance and reliability work for Major League Baseball, mlb.com, several financial information and transaction clearing networks, and defined next-generation interactive services as part of Sun's technology partnership with the National Hockey League. He is listed as inventor or co-inventor on three networking technology patents and has co-authored technical books on networking and high-availability techniques. Before joining Sun, Stern developed molecular modeling software for a Boston area start-up company and was on the research staff at Princeton University.

Keynote: Monday, June 25th - 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

SOAWorld 2007/ Virtualization Conference - Main Keynote:
Jeffrey M. Nick,

Services Oriented Infrastructure in a Web2.0, Virtualized World

The confluence of several mature architectural paradigms with new user-centric paradigms will drive the next generation of IT. Next generation IT will be based on the combination of model-driven architecture and service-oriented architecture applied to applications, information delivery, and IT resources alike. The agility gained in IT infrastructure coupled with highly configurable, lightweight, 'last mile' visualization technologies will dramatically increase the relevance and reactivity of IT to the business. By applying these architectures, technologies and open standards to the problems faced by IT we can focus on qualities of service delivery of IT in support of business value. At the end of this keynote presentation by the CTO of EMC, you will

  • Understand the impact of service orientation on IT infrastructure
  • Understand the relevant architectures, technologies and standards
  • Discover the approaches for utilization of these tools and their importance to the business

Keynote: Tuesday, June 26th - 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

SOAWorld 2007/ Virtualization Conference - Keynote:
Robert Levy,
Executive Vice President & CTO of BEA Systems

SOA & Web 2.0 through the Lens of Society: the Consumerization of the Enterprise

Dating back more than two decades, the core conceptual model of SOA is not new to the IT industry. Unlike its previous debut however, this concept has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis with a decidedly different tenor and direction. Whereas in the past it was focused purely on software development, SOA now takes on a strategically compelling new mantra that focuses on business value chains by connecting IT to processes and people.

While SOA easily ranks among the top 5 on the IT- buzz wagon list for CIOs, much is lost in the translation and confusion still abounds. Further compounding this problem is the recent meteoric rise of Web 2.0, a term that many find nebulous. In this keynote, Rob Levy will demystify, clarify and, above all, connect these two critically important concepts through the lens of society.

1. Overview

  • Digital Power Shifts Acceleration ? Consumerization and Generation U
  • SOA and Web 2.0

2. Demystifying the connection between SOA & Web 2.0 ? Insights distilled from timeless principles and lessons of the social order

3. Facing the Future of IT

  • "Looking back" through the lens of society by drawing parallels to the auto industry and the evolution of city/community/neighborhood
  • "Moving forward" toward flat, fluid, and "green" IT

Keynote: Wednesday, June 27th - 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

2007 East Power Panels
Virtualization Power Panel
Moderated by Alessandro Perilli

Virtualization is fast becoming a key requirement for every server in the data center, enabling workloads such as server consolidation, efficient software development and testing, resource management for dynamic data centers, application re-hosting and compatibility, and high-availability partitions. The Virtualization Power Panel will discuss all the latest issues and implementation strategies for Virtualization technologies.

Alessandro Perilli operates as an evangelist in Virtualization industry since 2003, with its popular blog virtualization.info. As Industry Analyst his work is mostly focused in observing and reporting on new and ongoing market trends, maintaining a tight relationship with consolidated vendors and emerging startups.

Power Panel: Monday, June 25th - 3:40 PM - 4:10 PM

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